VvvV Programming residency is an artistic practice by three young artists from New York City. The aim of this residency was to develop an artistic performance with the VvvV programming environment. During the residency the focus changed from the production of the art to the development of a set of free software tools, which open up new creative opportunities in multiple artistic situations.

VvvV Programming residency has been developed by the artists Sami Haddad, Michael Brown, and Daniel Kwan. The artists chose the programming environment as the location of their residency and used it as an opportunity to share a variety of technical skills. This will not only enhance the VvvV experience but will also increase the potential for interaction between the artist and the audience.

The VvvV residency provides participants the opportunity to create their own software projects. They use a variety of resources including software, to develop an interactive design which the artist can implement with an open source content management system. They also use an open source web server to host their website.

The artists also use their knowledge of computer programming to write a piece of code for the software project. At the same time, the artists also perform live coding demonstrations to demonstrate how the software is used. Through the use of video and audio for the artists will be able to share their experience, and will be able to communicate their ideas and their artistic sense with the audience. As a result of these activities the participants of the VvvV residency will be exposed to a number of different technical skills.

During the VvvV Programming residency, all participants will be provided with a full set of free software tools including an online editor, a website builder, a music composer, and a graphic designer. All the software tools have been specifically designed for the purposes of providing an artist with the opportunity to make his or her own music and perform live.

The tools were specifically designed for artists of all levels of technical proficiency, including no prior experience at all in programming and software creation. The software is designed so that even people who are completely new to the world of computer programming can use the tools to create and perform.

In addition to the tools used, there is also a range of visual and audio visual art. In the form of art installations and live programming the artists will explore a variety of techniques and methods for making visual and audio visual pieces.

The VvvP programming residency is the first major artistic effort on behalf of the artists to collaborate in a collaborative artistic practice. Its goal is to help artists develop new work while increasing their technical and artistic skills while developing and sharing a common vision.

The purpose of this residency is to introduce students to the world of computer programming, in hopes of preparing them for careers in both fields. Students will learn the basics of software development through this residency and then move on to explore more advanced methods of writing computer programs and performing live coding demonstrations. This residency will help students develop their skills as creative technologists.

The VvvVP programming residency has become so successful because it makes use of a wide variety of technology to help students understand the process of developing software. By using both visual and audio visual aids, the program allows students to use the power of computers and technology to create works of art. Through these mediums the students will be exposed to a variety of different creative approaches to creating works of computer software.

There are a number of ways that students are introduced to the software creation process. During the residency the participants are given the opportunity to create music by listening to it, playing it back to themselves, and recording it for playback, and by making notes and sketches about their performances.

Through the use of the various technologies students will also have an opportunity to explore some of the tools that are used during the software creation process. By using these tools they will develop creative ideas for software. The VvvV programming residency also helps them to explore different types of music composition and to create musical compositions by composing music based on their musical tastes and ideas.

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