ISO 6160 Programming is a basic training course, intended for software engineers, that was created by ISO in 1969. It is a highly sought after certification which would give you an excellent edge in the industry, as it would make it easier for you to gain entry-level jobs in the field. ISO also conducts annual refresher courses for all those who hold this certifying. So, what are some of the key features of this training?

The first and most important aspect of PL/I training is its focus on practical implementation. You will be given detailed instructions on how to write a simple program in PL/I, which would be your primary tool for learning the language. These classes are divided into three main parts: the basics, the intermediate course and the advanced course.

The fundamental aspects of the language include the following: syntax, control statements, variable types, conditional statements and loops, and types of data types. In addition to that, the PL/I manual would include an introduction to functional programming and the use of abstract data types. Apart from these fundamental aspects, the class would also cover advanced topics like generic programming, algebraic data types, data abstraction and structural programming.

The intermediate level would focus on using PL/I’s many tools and features to write more complex and basic computer programs. You would learn about working with arrays and lists, working with data structures and manipulating them, and programming with functions, which would be required in the more advanced courses. The advanced PL/I classes would teach you how to build complex applications and customize your PL/I scripts to do more sophisticated operations.

As you can tell, it would take you more than eight months to complete all the required material in each part of the PL/I certification. However, after completion of these classes, your certification would entitle you to a certificate of completion, which could be valid for five years or more.

To further boost your chances of securing employment in the industry, you need to pass the IAA certification exam which will assess you on your knowledge, skills and experience of the language. The IAA exam is based on three sections, each consisting of thirty multiple choice questions.

After completing the test, you would be allowed to take a written evaluation to see how much you have improved in terms of your answers and comprehension of the written test. On the other hand, you would get another written test to see how much improvement you have made in the previous exam.

The duration of the course is short but challenging; there is an option of attending a refresher course to refresh your knowledge. With a few days or weeks of hard work, you could earn yourself a coveted certificate of completion from ISO.

If you want to learn more about the PL/I language, then you could search the internet for online classes and tutorial. There are many companies that offer training courses in this field.

For companies that offer training and certifications to their employees, they would contact the ISO to find out if your company is certified by them. This way, you would be able to show that you have passed the test and are qualified for the job.

Once you pass the certification test, you would be entitled to receive your job benefits. The company would pay you for your training and also your salary, depending on how long you have been working. at the company.

You would be hired for higher salaries once you complete the certification process. It is a good job opportunity if you do not mind doing some overtime or weekends. because you could work from home, so you get to save on commute expenses.

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