SPITBOL programming is an integrated programming environment that was originally developed for the IBM System 360 and System/370 series of PCs. Originally developed for the IBM System 6, SPITBOL has since been ported to the more recent systems such as the Apple Macintosh and the Microsoft Windows based operating system systems.

SPITBOL was created by Chris Craine, John Caine, David Halliday and Jeff Olson as an educational software program that has a number of features designed to provide students with a high-level programming language environment. Many of these features have been copied into other similar educational software packages, but they have never had the opportunity to be developed and released as an open source project.

The primary objective of SPITBOL programming is to provide students with the tools and resources they need to be able to write programs in a more structured and organized manner than the traditional programming environments used in classrooms. Unlike the traditional computer-based programming languages such as C, VB and Java that are more suited to advanced programming and computer science majors, SPITBOL programming provides students with a much easier and simpler approach to programming. SPITBOL provides students with everything they need to become proficient programmers that can be used for real-world programming tasks.

SPITBOL also includes a number of tools and features that are used in other popular programming environments such as Visual Basic and C++. These tools and features are also used in some of the other educational software packages such as XENIX SysV and SLAB, which are aimed at using the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The reason why SPITBOL was designed as an interactive programming environment is because students are able to modify and tweak their own programs much like how they would be able to do with any other programming languages. When students are given the ability to edit their code, they are more likely to complete the task more easily and efficiently. In addition to allowing students to edit their code, students can also save their programs and share them with others online. This is done through the use of an online version of the original software or a website that allows them to access and download their programs.

Because programming is such a tedious and time consuming task, many students are not comfortable entering coding themselves so they will either learn from a book or ask a teacher to teach them the necessary skills. While this may work for some students, most students will find it too tedious to even try to master programming by themselves.

The SPITBOL programming language offers an interactive teaching environment that gives students the ability to interact with their code in a way that they may not be able to otherwise. Instead of having to write code on a screen or in an eBook, students can simply point and click the commands they want to execute and the program will automatically perform the actions for them.

While some may feel that the lack of interactivity of this type of programming may put off some students, this type of programming is a very popular option amongst many students as it allows them to learn programming at its best. With a variety of interactive features, students are given the tools and resources they need to complete their programming tasks and complete projects in less time.

For example, when students learn how to create a shopping cart, they will be able to enter the amount of items to be purchased into the program. This will allow them to input their information as needed and then have the program calculate how many carts are needed. Once the program has been programmed, students simply click on the cart and have the program take them through the entire process of loading and displaying the merchandise.

If students wish to perform different tasks and add to the shopping cart’s features, they can create their own codes that will automatically add features as they complete the task. By creating these codes, they can easily learn how to add multiple features to the shopping cart to make the shopping cart as efficient and effective as possible.

There are many other features included in SPITBOL, including the ability for users to browse through programs in a database and run the same code over again without ever needing to re-run the program or open a new one. This is a feature many students find extremely beneficial when learning and practicing various programming tasks.

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