XHarbour Programming is the latest, high-end development tool for creating enterprise web applications. It’s an advanced, multi-functional software program, specifically designed to make database/management programs.

Harbour is a cross-platform, dynamic, free-code, multi-level database language, first introduced by the now-defunct Clipper database system of the 1980’s and 1990’s. The original Clipper was an IBM Lotus System based database system that provided users with an incredibly fast, robust, interactive, and cost effective alternative to the IBM Lotus DB/3. With the advent of better alternatives to Clipper such as Oracle, Lotus, Microsoft Access, MySQL, RSQL, and Postgres, it has been a source of great frustration and disappointment for many.

Harbour is the latest (and greatest) evolution of this highly-popular and successful database language. With its wide array of features and powerful integration capabilities, it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular databases available today. With the recent announcement that it will be joining Microsoft’s.Net platform, it’s poised to take on even greater momentum and be a very effective competitor in the database market. This is an exciting time for the database market because it gives customers the chance to buy a cutting-edge product in the rapidly evolving industry.

XHarbour Programming is not your typical database, but rather a complete web application that deliver the power of database management on any browser or web server platform. You can build and deploy your own applications or purchase ready-made web solutions from top-rated web application developers around the world. This is a great option for small businesses who don’t have the resources necessary to develop their own applications on their own. In addition, companies that are new to the database market or companies looking to replace old systems can also benefit from XHarbour Programming.

For smaller businesses, buying databases and database solutions from a more affordable vendor may offer the greatest value for your money. XHarbour Programming offers a variety of applications to help business owners manage and track their customers and sales leads and data. Web-based systems provide an intuitive, customizable interface that allows you to manage your database easily, regardless of its size, scope, and depth.

Database programs are available in both enterprise and single-user versions. With enterprise solutions you’ll find that the Enterprise version comes with a host of additional features like built-in shopping cart support and full SQL support, while the Single-user versions are offered with less capabilities. For businesses with a limited budget or a single-user solution can often prove to be a more appropriate choice.

If you need to develop a custom database application, you can develop it on your own using the powerful and versatile XSitePro web development framework, which is freely available for download. This open source software framework enables you to create and publish a fully-functional database application with a simple set up process. XSitePro is ideal for businesses with a small team of developers or no technical skills at all.

XSitePro’s open source and dynamic web-based database solution are designed for users with little knowledge of programming languages and databases to get you started. With a simple set up process, anyone can design and develop a powerful and secure application that’s tailored to your specific business needs.

While XSitePro is an excellent option for small businesses, many online application developers have found it invaluable to use for their larger clients. The platform provides the same database management and application development features of its small business counterparts and it includes several built-in reporting capabilities. Because it is fully scalable, you can scale the web application based on the number of users or even customers who sign-up with the application.

As a small business owner, you’ll find that you can quickly and easily manage your business records on the web. XSitePro provides a flexible, highly customizable interface to create, store, and manage your database files. You can update and manage your records from virtually any web browser or mobile device, without needing any knowledge of the server.

Database programs can offer you the freedom and flexibility of building custom database applications to fit your company’s unique needs. XSitePro gives you the ability to customize your database application, even if you’re not technically skilled at programming.

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