Wyvern is an open source software program developed by Alex Potanin and Jonathan Aldrich for the development of mobile and web applications with higher security and reliability being the main priority. It offers the possibility to run multiple applications on a single device. As the technology has evolved, so the features and capabilities of the software have also evolved to accommodate the ever increasing demands of the users.

To keep up with the ever-increasing demands of users, the programmers have been constantly adding more features in order to create a better and highly complicated applications. The programs are developed using Java, PHP, Perl, C++ and others. Since they are open source, the developers do not need to pay royalties to the copyright holders for distributing them. Therefore the programmers are able to increase the functionality of the software and at the same time develop new and innovative features. If you are an experienced programmer, you can easily write your own code without having to pay royalties to the copyright holder.

The developers who are working for the Wyvern programming team are all professionals who have worked for different companies and have been exposed to different environments and requirements. These professionals possess a great amount of knowledge about the various operating systems, web technologies, programming languages and other related aspects of computers. The developers work as a team and share information between them to ensure that they produce the best possible product.

The different functionalities available in the software include but are not limited to:

Emailing – The emailing feature allows the users to send and receive emails from their contacts. It enables the user to create, delete and manage emails.

User Profile Settings – This feature allows the users to customize the application’s settings, which includes the ability to add or edit the email addresses of the contacts. The feature also allows the user to customize the appearance of their profile page which includes the choice of the background color, the fonts and the icons. The user can add pictures to it so as to personalize the profile. The users can also edit their email id in order to add other contacts and to the list.

Mobile Application – The application provides the users with the facility to create applications for Android, Blackberry and the iPhone. There is the option to choose the type of operating system and the language that the application will be developed in. The users can choose between the Java, JavaScript, C++ and PHP.

Web Based Application – The web based application provides the users with the capability to develop applications for both the desktop and the mobile devices. Since there are a number of applications available in the market today, the developers have come up with the most advanced version of the application, which is a customized version of each and every application available in the market. The developers have added a number of new features in this application that make it user friendly. The application is capable of running on a mobile device, which is equipped with an installed database server that is updated regularly.

Web Hosting – The web hosting feature allows the users to access the website through a browser. The web host helps to connect a number of computers, which then act as servers. The web host also manages the server, which is maintained by the web programmers. The web developers provide the services to a number of companies, which offer the web hosting to its clients.

Web Analytics – The web analytics feature enables the clients to track the performance of their website. It tracks the visitors and their location through the use of various techniques such as geo-fence and browser detection. The data are provided to the website owners on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The web analytics feature can also give information on the performance of a particular application and the percentage of return visitors that visit the website on a regular basis. The web analytics also enables the owners to get the data related to bounce rate and the response rate.

Website Design Tools – The website designing tools provide the clients with the opportunity to create attractive and interactive websites. These tools allow the users to customize the website and the content of the website in such a way that it matches the needs and requirements of the customers.

Web programming is the process through which developers develop applications which provide interactive websites which are user-friendly and are able to provide the users with a rich experience. A website is a major component of any website and the developers to ensure that the website has an active user community.

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