Zikula, also known as “Hipchat,” is a web application platform created by an Australian developer named Neil Coughlan. Zikula is an open source software project, and it has many features which make it stand apart from its competitors. The open source code allows anyone with some basic programming skills to get involved in the development of this platform. One of the first things you will notice about Zikula, when you start up the software, is that it’s a very easy to use web application platform. Many people have found this platform to be very functional and it can serve the needs of just about anyone.

Zikula is primarily used as a web-based application platform. It provides a user friendly interface for building complex websites. In the early days of its creation, there was only one platform, which was a fork of Microsoft Front Page, but the developers later decided to create two different versions of the platform to allow the different functions and applications to run on each platform.

Zikula was created with the intention of making web applications very easy to use, so that anyone with a web browser, and the desire to develop a website, could easily get started. Many people are familiar with Java as their favorite programming language. Although Java is a widely used language, many people are concerned about the lack of portability. Zikula, on the other hand, has been designed using a Java-like language called Ruby on Rails.

The Zikula web application platform works great because it makes it very easy to add interactivity to a website. Many websites on the internet today have large amounts of interactive features, which often cause many problems for people who are trying to build a website. Zikula makes it very easy to add interactive features to a website without too much difficulty. This feature is called “hooking up” and it allows you to create a “hook” on the website which allows users to interact with the website by clicking on buttons that appear on the website.

Hooking up is usually the most basic form of interaction that users interact with a website. You can also add many features such as social networking and RSS feeds, which allow users to connect with other websites as well. The “hooks” on Zikula are very simple to set up, and they are often built using simple HTML codes. which are included in the HTML code of the site itself. Many web developers prefer using Zikula over other platforms because of how easy it is to add hooks and customize a website.

Other useful features on the Zikula website include social network functionality. You can create a Twitter feed, Facebook application, MySpace integration, as well as a Google+ page. This gives users the opportunity to share information and interact with each other in the same place. Many companies use Zikula to manage their social media networks. This means that if one company is experiencing problems, they can easily access other users and help them solve their problems.

There are other features of Zikula which have also been created and are currently being used by several users, such as a shopping cart functionality. This application platform allows users to create a shopping cart on their website and allows them to accept credit card payments online. The shopping cart is usually built on the back end, so that all the data can be stored on the website itself. Once the data has been saved on the shopping cart, the data can then be displayed on the website. so that the user can easily go to the website and see all of the data.

Zikula works by being compatible with both PHP and JavaScript, which means that it does not require any special skills on the part of the user to use. This makes it extremely easy for all users to use and even more accessible for those who do not have any programming experience. The interface is very easy to navigate, and once users start using it, they will quickly become comfortable with it and understand it and soon be able to customize their websites to add more functions and features to it.

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